The winter set - Clay & Glow - for glowing skin during the winter months

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  • Does your skin get dry and itchy during the winter months? Cold, rain and wind will have nothing on your hydrated skin with the Limited edition Winter Set! This skincare bundle contains products that are hydrating and protect your skin against the elements. With this set, you can say goodbye to dry skin all winter long!

    Why switch up your skincare routine for the winter?

    The winter season is the worst time for your skin. During this time,  the cold air steals moisture from your skin causing it to become dry and itchy! The Winter Set helps keep your skin smooth, healthy and glowing. The skincare products from this LIMITED EDITON set protect your skin barrier and add extra moisture to your skin.

    This bundle includes:
    ✓ Foaming Micellar Makeup Remover | 150 ml *NEW*
    ✓ Avocado Mask | 80gr
    ✓ Vitamin C Serum | 30ml
    ✓ Peptide Cooling Eye Cream | 15ml 
    ✓ Hydrating Moisturizer | 75ml


    This foaming makeup remover is developed to remove your non-waterproof makeup while still maintaining the pH value of your skin and therefore protecting it from dehydration. Next to that, the micelles work like a magnet on your skin, that get all the dirt out of your pores.

    Use every evening (when wearing makeup).

    Main ingredients: Aloe Vera + Glycerin + Lactic Acid



    The moisturizing Avocado Mask gives the skin a hydrating boost right away. The creamy and rich structure ensures deep hydration and will let the skin glow again. The Avocado Mask contains 97,2% natural ingredients, is cruelty free and vegan (PETA approved). Want to get the optimal result? Then let the Avocado Moisturizing Mask absorb overnight!

    Use 3 times a week.

    Main ingredients: Avocado Oil + Avocado + Butter + Coconut Oil + Shea Butter


    The Vitamin C Serum from Clay And Glow is a powerful blend of various antioxidants, vitamins and skin-repairing ingredients. This combination can help fade pigmentation spots, protects the skin against harmful external influences, reduces pores and makes the skin look more radiant and even.

    Use every morning and every night.

    Main Ingredients: Vitamin C + B3 (Niacinamide) + B5 + Hyaluronic Acid



    Say bye to puffy eyes and dark circles because this eye cream is your new secret weapon for a bright and rested look! ⁠The special metallic applicator helps to instantly cool, soothe and hydrate your eye area. The eye cream also helps to strengthen the skin and reduce fine lines under your eyes.

    Use every morning and every night

    Main ingredients: Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Argan, Vitamin C + E and Peptides.⁠


    The Hydrating Moisturizer is a daily day- and night cream. It helps to soften, hydrate, and nourish the skin. If you have drier skin, you will love the moisturizer! Especially during the winter times, your skin will be happy with you.

    Use it twice a day if you have dry skin. Only use it at night if you have combination/oily skin.

    Main Ingredients: Coconut Oil + Shea Butter


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